Are Casino-Related Movies Filmed in Actual Casinos?

With modern technology and great Hollywood productions, it’s possible to make a movie without leaving the studio. Stunning landscapes, famous sights, dragons or battles, all can be done in front of the green screen. But when it comes to casino-related movies, most of them were actually set in real casinos. Of course, these movies don’t show the online side of betting in casinos with the Mr Green VR bonus, for example, but they focus on the real thing – what it’s like to actually be there and face the pressure of winning or losing.

It’s All About Authenticity

Many moviemakers have opted to shot in a real gambling environment. Regarding the heavy equipment and demanding settings, it is much easier to stay in the studio; however, placing the whole movie cast into the five-star casino hotel in Los Vegas is a big opportunity to create a remarkable piece of art. 

First, hotels like this have the best possible set designs. You can create fantastic scenery in a studio; however, you can never fully evoke the authentic jackpot jingling or the euphoria at the roulette tables. It’s all about small details and vibes that casinos have.

Also, actors can spend some time in a realistic ambiance and pick up a few tricks from the tables. This way, they can explore their roles and experience their characters better.

Best Movies Shot in Real Casinos

Ocean’s 11 (2001) — This movie gathered the elite acting craw in one of the most famous casinos in Los Vegas — Bellagio. The exciting story follows a group of charming criminals that are planning a heist and, during a lot of scenes, you can notice the beauty and luxury of this hotel.

What Happens in Vegas (2008) — It is a delightful comedy about two strangers who got married in Los Vegas. Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher play the leading roles, and most of the casino scenes were shot at the Park MGM resort. 

The Hangover (2009) — A hilarious comedy follows a bachelor party in Vegas that went wrong. Most of the scenes were filmed at the famous casino-hotel in Sin City, the remarkable Cesar Palas.

Casino (1995) — The movie is one of the greatest Martin Scorsese’s masterpieces with Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci in leading roles. 

It was shot at Rivera Casino, twenty years before its demolition due to the construction of Convention Center. 

This movie hired real croupiers and dealers from Rivera. Also, Scorsese didn’t kick out a group of regular casino visitors who were too loud. On the contrary, he demanded them to stay so that movie scenes could be more authentic.

Casino Royale (2006) — One of the movies from the franchise about secret agent James Bond starring Daniel Craig.

Unlike most casino-related movies, this one was not shot in Las Vegas. The story takes place in Montenegro, but casino scenes were filmed partly in the Czech Republic and partly in the Bahamas. Royal Casino actually took the appearance of Atlantis Casino on Paradise Island.

21 (2008) — The movie follows a group of MIT students that play Blackjack in Las Vegas. Main scenes were taken in Planet Hollywood Casino, a relatively new but huge hotel and gambling resort. 

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