Strange Movie Genres You Have Never Heard About

You would think that classic movie genres have nothing more to offer. Throughout the history of cinema, we had the opportunity to watch so many action movies, dramas and comedies that we don’t know is there anything else that can surprise us. However, movie genres have never been restricted categories. Over the years, they changed, grouped, and mixed elements with one another. 

The Weirdest Movie Genres Ever

Cinematography hides many less known movie genres. With absolute artistic freedom to create, unconventional filmmakers are producing movies that belong to weird and strange genres that only true fans can recognize.

Bollywood Horror

Bollywood films are specific because they contain a lot of traditional Hindi elements, such as dance. That is why embracing horror as a popular genre in India was unthinkable for some critics. However, this genre developed in the ‘40s. The first Hindi horror movie was Mahal, an exotic display of terrors of everyday life.


This genre was born in the eighties, in post-revolutionary Russia. It is an experimental artistic movement with Yevgeny Yufit as the leading moviemaker. The genre deals with the subject of death and human remains, with elements of dark humor and absurdity (Suicide Warthogs from 1988 or Spring from 1987).


Bizarro is more of an artistic performance than a movie. It does not follow a particular action — it is absurd and surreal. The example is Holy Mountain, a 1973 film that pushed the boundaries and simply laid the foundations for the bizarre.


This genre in moviemaking may be closer to you under the term psycho-thriller or as a sub-genre of horror with a theme of the mentally ill people. The best representation of this genre is the 1962 movie Whatever Happened to Baby Jane


It is a movie genre born in Eastern Europe during some quite strange years for this part of the world. It was similar to the American Westerns; the only good guys are Soviet heroes fighting for the Soviet Union.

Ostern in Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, on the other hand, had a more humorous approach to the subject. The 1964 Lemonade Joe movie is a funny story about the hero who is fighting against alcohol.

Parkour Movies

This recent trend in moviemaking is a result of popular video games. Movies like Prince of Persia represent the Parkour genre. In the majority of the scenes, the main protagonist demonstrates the skill of jumping and overcoming obstacles, which is precisely the essential difference from the classic fight scenes.

It would be unfair to choose the genre you love the most. You will miss out on many weird but original movies that can genuinely delight you. So be open when choosing the next one to watch.


The Best Netflix Alternatives You Should Know About

It seems like Netflix rapidly took over the world and become the ultimate streaming platform that is somehow always attached to our favorite series and movies. But, after so many binged episodes, we start to feel mildly saturated with its content. Everything begins to look the same.

Fortunately, the Internet is an unimaginably huge – and we use it not only to chat with our best friends or use promotions like the 10bet bonus code, but we also use it to find alternatives to our favorite things – Netflix, in the case of this article. And luckily, Netflix’s competition manages to keep up with demands. We’ll list some great streaming platforms, many of which are completely free, where you can easily find a refreshing binge-watching content.


HBO production is one of our favorites. There are, of course, series to recapitulate, like GoT or Chernobyl, but also many new promising titles.

HBO Now is not cheaper than Netflix, but it provides some of the most wanted titles this year.

Sony’s Crackle

This platform offers 150 movie titles and 75 exciting series. You get completely free streaming for thirty seconds of commercials, which seems like a fair deal.


It contains a large number of generated films of all genres. All videos have decent quality. The only downside is that it is ad-supportive and occasionally shows short advertises.

Amazon Prime

It is one of the best replacements, not too different from Netflix in terms of quantity and choice of movies and series. Yet, it has a restriction of use outside the US.

Amazon is offering a one-month free trial service and, after that, an $ 8.99 standard and $10.99 premium membership fee.


Hulu is an excellent platform for finding binge content that is available in Japan and the USA.

Like Amazon, it also offers a 30-day trial version and, after that, memberships that cost $5.99 with ads on, and an ad-free version for $11.99.

CBS All Access

CBS holds some great series like The Bing Bang Theory or TV classics Fraiser and The Twilight Zone. They are also broadcasting live sports events and local news. This platform is available in Canada and the USA. 

Different packages have different prices, depending on advertising. Ad-supportive service costs $5.99, while for the exclusive non-commercial watch you need to pay $9.99 per month.

Sling TV

Sling is a live TV and streaming that is available only in the US. This portal is not just about movies and series but also about sports streams and news broadcasts. For a 20-dollar membership, you can unlock 25 channels. For 25 dollars, you’ll get 40 channels, and for 40 dollars you can unlock them all. 

With all these alternatives, you should be careful about the cost of the service, as well as country restrictions. This type of service may provide more content than, for example, Netflix or the standard television. Moreover, they can be much more affordable than some more popular platforms.


Humans Vs. Robots: Best Movies About AI

With the technology development, people can do almost everything online – work, book tickets, watch movies or have fun using Jackpotjoy Promo Code. Nowadays Moviemakers have been creating SciFi adaptations about artificial intelligence since the early ’20s. AI is among the most significant inspirations and artistic visions of the future. Over the past decades, smart machines were described as terrifying and dangerous, made to bring the judgment day and the end of the world. Yet, in many movies, artificial intelligence was given some human characteristics, like empathy, sorrow and even the ability to love. 

Ten Most Popular AI Movies

No matter if it is an apocalyptic story or movie about machines that will save humanity, this kind of science fiction has always filled theatres. Here are the most famous AI movies in the history of cinema:

10. Metropolis (1927) — For sci-fi genre fans, this is a must-see movie. It is a visionary story about Maria, a humanlike robot equivalent to artificial intelligence at a time when the AI idea was not yet advocated. The epic movie, made by German expressionist Fritz Lang, served later as an inspiration for the famous Star Wars franchise. 

9. I, Robot (2004) — Set in the future, the movie is the story about a police officer who investigates a crime for which the main suspect is a robot. Knowing more about the event, he realizes that the machine possesses more humanity than he could have ever imagined.

8. Wall-E (2008) — The warm and charming animated picture from Pixar Studio is a moving story about two robots — artificial intelligence that will save a fallen human race from extinction.

7. Blade Runner (1982) — A Ridley Scot’s classic about the police officer who fights the rebellion of AI robots — human replicants in apocalyptical scenery.

6. Ex-Machina (2014) — Ambitious effort of a young scientist who tries to awaken emotions in the humanlike artificial intelligence he created. The machine with the image of a gentle female is an accurate representation of the belief that robots could one day replace humans.

5. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) — a movie realization ahead of its time — sci-fi story set in the distant future that accompanies the supercomputer named HAL 9000.

4. Transcendence (2014) — A story about artificial intelligence set in real space and time that threatens to take control and endanger the world.

3. A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) — A sci-fi drama that will make you shiver. It’s about the boy-alike artificial intelligence David made to look real for his “mom.” The story brings the ethical question of anthropomorphizing machines and the risks of what it can cause for humankind.

2. Terminator (1984) — The first movie about the Judgement day and machines that conquer the world was filmed back in 1984, and a much successful sequel in 1991, with the same fantastic cast featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton in leading roles. The Terminator has become a synonym for evil artificial intelligence and the war on humans and machines in the future.

1. Matrix (1999) — The movie arrived at the end of the last millennium. It then was, and it still is an authentic relic for science-fiction lovers. Even those who are not too crazy about this genre recognize Matrix as a flawlessly crafted movie adaptation about the possibility that AI could take over the world after the demise of the human species.


Are Casino-Related Movies Filmed in Actual Casinos?

With modern technology and great Hollywood productions, it’s possible to make a movie without leaving the studio. Stunning landscapes, famous sights, dragons or battles, all can be done in front of the green screen. But when it comes to casino-related movies, most of them were actually set in real casinos. Of course, these movies don’t show the online side of betting in casinos with the Mr Green VR bonus, for example, but they focus on the real thing – what it’s like to actually be there and face the pressure of winning or losing.

It’s All About Authenticity

Many moviemakers have opted to shot in a real gambling environment. Regarding the heavy equipment and demanding settings, it is much easier to stay in the studio; however, placing the whole movie cast into the five-star casino hotel in Los Vegas is a big opportunity to create a remarkable piece of art. 

First, hotels like this have the best possible set designs. You can create fantastic scenery in a studio; however, you can never fully evoke the authentic jackpot jingling or the euphoria at the roulette tables. It’s all about small details and vibes that casinos have.

Also, actors can spend some time in a realistic ambiance and pick up a few tricks from the tables. This way, they can explore their roles and experience their characters better.

Best Movies Shot in Real Casinos

Ocean’s 11 (2001) — This movie gathered the elite acting craw in one of the most famous casinos in Los Vegas — Bellagio. The exciting story follows a group of charming criminals that are planning a heist and, during a lot of scenes, you can notice the beauty and luxury of this hotel.

What Happens in Vegas (2008) — It is a delightful comedy about two strangers who got married in Los Vegas. Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher play the leading roles, and most of the casino scenes were shot at the Park MGM resort. 

The Hangover (2009) — A hilarious comedy follows a bachelor party in Vegas that went wrong. Most of the scenes were filmed at the famous casino-hotel in Sin City, the remarkable Cesar Palas.

Casino (1995) — The movie is one of the greatest Martin Scorsese’s masterpieces with Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci in leading roles. 

It was shot at Rivera Casino, twenty years before its demolition due to the construction of Convention Center. 

This movie hired real croupiers and dealers from Rivera. Also, Scorsese didn’t kick out a group of regular casino visitors who were too loud. On the contrary, he demanded them to stay so that movie scenes could be more authentic.

Casino Royale (2006) — One of the movies from the franchise about secret agent James Bond starring Daniel Craig.

Unlike most casino-related movies, this one was not shot in Las Vegas. The story takes place in Montenegro, but casino scenes were filmed partly in the Czech Republic and partly in the Bahamas. Royal Casino actually took the appearance of Atlantis Casino on Paradise Island.

21 (2008) — The movie follows a group of MIT students that play Blackjack in Las Vegas. Main scenes were taken in Planet Hollywood Casino, a relatively new but huge hotel and gambling resort. 


Going out to Cinema or Movie Night at Home?

There are two types of people in the world — some will run to the movie theatre for every single premiere; others will wait a couple of months or simply watch the lousy camera version online. Those two are entirely different ways to experience one movie. 

Modern Cinema: Sight, Sound, and Feel

But to put jokes aside, watching movies in the theatre can’t be compared with home projections. Cinema theatres are not anymore just about popcorns and kissing on the back seat, but about the revolutionary technology that provides standard and three-dimensional motion pictures.

With the latest Hi-Tech digital projectors, surround systems and best 3D silver screens, cinemas produce crystal clear pictures and sound that can shake the seats. All the latest high-budget movies are actually made for such auditoriums. It would be a shame to watch a lousy copy with ads across a half screen and sound so bad that you can’t even recognize a language. Instead, in the cinema, you can practically experience a parallel universe by watching the latest blockbuster in 3D. 

What’s more, with all the strict rules and laws about downloading content from the web, you might wait years to get the movie you want. By buying a cinema ticket, you can treat yourself with the exclusive experience.

Movie Night at Home: Cozy Blankets, PJ’s and Hot Beverage

For some people, there’s not a thing in the world that can make them go to the cinema. They will always rather put some cozy clothes, get popcorns from microwave and settle down comfortably on their couch. With the latest smart TVs, they can broadcast anything they want, even from their phones.

They will avoid crowds and long lines in front of the cinema. They will also save money on tickets, popcorns, and parking. In the end, nothing can replace relaxing at home, and a good movie can only be a bonus. Home projections do not provide the same quality as cinemas, but they do have their benefits, like the fact that you can fall asleep at any time and no one will make a big fuss about that.

Make Your Own Cinema at Home

If you don’t like enormous malls and cinema theatres, but you do want to feel the ultimate screen experience, getting a home cinema set is probably the best solution. They are not quite cheap, but the latest models put watching movies at home on a whole different level.


The Longest Running TV Shows in History

Ways of entertaining ourselves are endless and while some people like to spend their time reading bet365 Bingo Review or playing video games, many like to spend it watching TV. Throughout the history of television, we have had the opportunity to watch so many great TV shows. This type of TV concept became very popular in the early decades of television broadcasting. Various genres and themes have always attracted big auditoriums all over the world. 

The fact that one story is divided into many episodes, prolonged and with an uncertain outcome, makes the series especially exciting and addictive for watchers who create a special bond with the characters over time.

Timeless TV Series

Sometimes, we are not even aware of the fact that one story is being broadcast during our whole lifetime. Take The Simpsons, for example. Did you know that this TV series is running for almost 30 years? Even Grey’s Anatomy aired their first season fifteen years ago. 

Unnoticed, we grow up with their characters. Many times we identify with their problems and relate to their life stories. In some TV series that run for a long time, we can spot an actual timelapse — passing moments painted on actors’ faces or changes in the scenery through the thirty or forty years.

Five Longest-Running TV Series Ever

Among the series that hold the absolute record in broadcasting, some have lasted for longer than half a century. Such shows have been a favorite pastime for our grandparents, parents and now us. Here are the five longest-running series ever. 

5. Sesame Street (49 years old) — So many children through generations have grown with the grouch named Oscar. It is a children’s show that has a mixed cast of adults, child actors, and mapped dolls. The adorable and educational program is the most popular children series ever.

4. Days of Our Lives (53 years old) — The legendary soap opera was aired for the first time on NBS in 1963, and since then has more than 13,200 episodes. 

Through decades of shooting and running, the series has been constantly changing its cast. One of the most exciting trivia is the fact that the popular series Friends features the character Joe Tribiani who is actually an actor (Matt le Blanc) that plays in this marathon soap opera.

3. As The World Turns (54 years old) — The CBS series currently holds the third place for the longest airing, but given the fact that it ended in 2010, it can yet be surpassed.

2. General Hospital (55 years old) — This is one of the most popular series in America. At the same time, this is the longest-running series that is still in production. The story is located in a fictional city and an unnamed New York hospital and follows the lives of employees, patients, love and family relations.

1. Guiding Light (57 years old) — Officially the longest-running series lasted from 1952 to 2009. In the late ‘30s, this was a radio show that followed the life of a middle-class family in the small town of Springfield. Later, it moved to the small screens and became a real hit.


Best Sports Theme Movies of All Times

There is only one thing that can shake you up more than a war movie — a tense storyline that involves sports. Sport is one of the biggest passions among people; therefore, it is a subject of many legendary movies. Despite the fact that there are many casino movies (fans of betting on casino who use bonus codes for online betting like the BGO one will tell you all about them), sports movies always tend to attract more viewers since people can relate to their story of hardship and success.

They are usually exciting dramas, charged with high emotions and tension. Stories like this awake empathy, but also feelings like pride, love, and happiness. But most importantly, they all have that one thing that every man needs — a sense of heroism. 

True-life Stories, Biopics, and Fictions

Cinematography has honored many glorious names, like Muhamed Ali, Senna, or Tonya Harding. Remember the Jamaican bobsled team from Cool Runnings? It is based on a true story (well, most of it).

On the other hand, some of our greatest heroes and tales, like Rocky Balboa, are pure fiction but still managed to become a significant part of our lives and culture. But why is all this so relevant? 

By following touching stories about people, their teams, or nations, moviemakers reached many social topics like racism, sex discrimination, or poverty; and with such powerful messages in their movies, they moved the world.

The Greatest Sports Movies in History

You can sit down for days and nights and watch hundreds of great sports movies. Yet, here is the list of the most touching shooted legends in history. We promise not to reveal a lot, in case you haven’t seen some of them. 

10. Pride of the Yankees (1942) — The emotional story about one of the greatest Yankees, Lou Gehrig, and his incredible speech at the Yankees stadium.

9. McFarland, USA (2015) — Story about the football coach who is struggling with jobs and family, and who sees the potential in young students to place a cross-country team and win the championship.

8. He got game (1998) — The movie is a definition of American love for basketball and, at the same time, a touching story about a father and his son.

7. A League of Their Own (1992) — Adorable comedy about a women’s professional baseball league during World War II, featuring Madonna and brilliant Tom Hanks in leading roles.

6. Cinderella Man (2005) — An inspirational and emotional biography of the boxer James Braddock from the 1930s. 

5. Million-dollar baby (2004) — The Oscar winner and Clint Eastwood masterpiece about the young girl in a harsh boxing world.

4. Ali (2001) — This biopic is about one of the most famous people in the world ever — Mohamed Ali. The story follows his life and career, showing his unique charisma and unimaginable talent. 

3. Hoosiers (1986) — Based on a true story, a coach with a drinking problem starts to train the high school basketball team and leads them to victory.

2. Rocky (1976) — Rocky Balboa is probably one of the most celebrated fiction heroes of our time. He is the greatest boxer, a good guy, father, and husband who always struggles with various challenges to make the right decision.

1. Field of Dreams (1989) — We believe that there is not a single person in this world who could possibly hate this movie. It is about a simple man, a farmer who hears the voice that tells him to build a baseball field on his farm. The story has almost biblical proportions that evoke deep emotions and thoughts. 


The Best TV Shows For Binge-Watching

The holiday season is a perfect time to find a great TV show and binge it all the way. With cold weather and plenty of free time, what else to do? (Okay, many of my friends prefer looking up for sports-betting sites like the Apuestas Deportivas USA and having fun over watching TV shows, but hey… hear me out) But be careful when choosing what to watch, because we’ve recently witnessed a lot of good shows being canceled. 

Luckily, this is the age of Netflix, HBO, and a bunch of fantastic TV shows, so it shouldn’t be so hard to find a perfect one to be mad about. In our finest selection, we can make a bit of variance, depending on watchers’ mood and taste. 

When it comes to the best TV shows for binge-watching, there are some of them that should be reviewed, others that should be studied, and returning shows to be welcomed.

TV Shows to Review

Game Of Thrones (8 seasons) — For all of you who successfully resisted watching this show when everybody else was mad about it, now is the perfect time to finally meet the North and the Mother of the Dragons.

Breaking Bad (5 seasons) — When it comes to TV storytelling, it doesn’t get much better than Breaking Bad. This mindblowing story about a chemistry teacher who cooks meth can keep you on the edge of your seat for hours. If you missed it before, don’t miss it now.

True Detective ( 3 seasons) — Each season is a different brilliant story filled up with mystery and excitement, as well as fantastic casting crew, photography, and music. 

TV Shows to Study

Stranger Things (4 seasons, on-air) — A small-town community, faced with supernatural forces and dark government secrets — perfect for binge-watching weekends.

Orange is the new black (7 seasons) — Much rewarded and nominated TV show that follows the story inside the minimum-security women’s prison.

Peaky Blinders (7 seasons) — Epic story about the family of gangsters located in Birmingham, England at the beginning of the twentieth century. Shelby brothers can easily get under your skin and make you binge-watch the whole seven seasons in one breath.

Returning Shows

Vikings (6 seasons) — History Chanel productions brought us the Vikings saga back in 2013. Since then, we are more than addicted to the bravery of savage warriors in a unique combination of history and fiction and a lot of intrigues. While waiting for new adventures, it can be a good idea to remind ourselves of the old ones.

A Discovery of Witches (2 seasons) — We met Diana Bishop last year and immediately fell in love with her. This is yet another TV show about a witch, but with a whole new perspective.

Ray Donovan (7 seasons) — The best “fixer” in LA is returning this December with one of the strongest characters and TV shows that can be watched for hours. 


7 Things You Should Never Say To Cinephile

Most of us enjoy playing games, using a betano offer, or watching a movie or two in our free time. Some people, however, are die-hard movie fans – otherwise known as cinephiles and they watch movies not only for fun – they watch it with a passion that we (not all of us!) don’t possess.

When you find yourself in a group of passionate cinema lovers, be careful about what you will say. They are a special type of people who will, for a single wrong statement about movies, rebuke and cut you off from their company.

What makes a real cinephile particularly offended, besides the fact that someone does not like to watch movies at all, are the unqualified people who are trying to make conversations about a movie. Always have in mind that they are the most competent for such debates. Also, remember these seven things you should never say to the person whose real passion is cinematography:

  • It’s a Waste of Time

We hope you have never tried to say such a thing to the cinephile. If you did, we hope you had a big smile on your face and told it as a joke.

True cinema lovers will never say, not even for the worst movie, that it’s a waste of time. They find cinematography to be the source of inspiration, wisdom, and knowledge; therefore, it’s worth each second.

  • Why Would I Watch a Movie I’ve Watched Before?

Obviously, you have never delved deep enough into movies if you find it annoying to watch the same one multiple times. Watching a favorite movie is always a new experience, depending on the period you watch it, your life course or your mood. 

  • Cinematography Is Not a Form of Art

Statements like this can evoke a tornado of comments. A cinephile will lecture you about post-revolutionary Russian art film, surrealism, Igmar Bergam, and provide you with a million other pieces of evidence that will prove cinematography has always been an integral part of the art. Moreover, the cinematography was a pioneer of many artistic movements throughout history.

  • Black and White Movies Are so Boring

Cinephile would tell you that you don’t deserve to watch them, as black and white films are elite. Citizen Cane, Psycho or To Kill a Mockingbird, are just some of the relics that you should never underestimate.

  • A Book Is Better Than a Screen Adaptation

Movie lovers will say that this kind of statement is ridiculous. Books are entirely different dimensions, as literature is a completely different art form. A movie can carry out the story and characters in its particular way, and the experience of watching it is unique. 

  • I’ll Watch It Later When It Comes out on DVD

True fans know that in two years, when the sequel to the movie they just watched comes out, they will be in the same movie theatre and watch it. If you show less interest in a new movie, they will find offensive.

  • Who Cares About the Awards?

Awards do matter. It is not just about fancy nights and glamorous toilets. The Academy Award, Golden Palm or the Bear from Belin are the recognition of meaningful work of art and human brilliance. They are also proof that cinephiles were right about everything mentioned above. 


10 Great Movies You Might Have Missed

It’s a perfect time to recapitulate the greatest cinema moments in 2019. Truth be told, this year was more about some pretty awesome TV shows. Still, we had the fortune to see the Joker, movies like Marvel’s Avengers, the long-awaited Toy Story, Once Upon a Time, and finally, John Wick’s Chapter 3.

However, some genuinely great movies will pass by, and we won’t even notice them. They will never get high ratings on sites like IMDb or Still, it would be a real shame to miss them, knowing that this kind of filmmaking could be a real treat for true cinema enthusiasts.

2019 Movies You Should See

10. The Dead Don’t Lie — Jim Jarmusch once again gathered the fantastic acting crew in the exciting and original black satire. The story follows apocalyptic events in the small town of Centerville where two local police officers (Bill Murray and Adam Driver) have to fight against the zombies.

9. Tell Me Who I Am — A great Netflix adaptation of a touching story about the twins, the mystical powers of the human mind and the memories we share with our loved ones.

8. Diane — The movie is about the deep and complicated feelings of the lonely woman. Diane (Mary Kay Place) is thoughtful, religious and sensitive. She struggles with her own fears, other people’s problems and secrets of the past.

7. Skin — Jamie Bell in a moving biography of a young man growing up in the neo-Nazi environment, with hate tattoos all over his face. The story is about his personal transformation and the change he experiences after he meets the love of his life and the black activist who helps him.

6. Parasite — The drama with elements of comedy, coming from North Korea, that follows the events of an ordinary working-class family and a lost and desperate man. This movie comes from a different climate, and it represents the Asian culture from a refreshingly unique perspective.

5. The Beach Bum — This hilarious comedy is proof that Matthew McConaughey will be brilliant in every role. The story is about a famous stoner from a beach in Florida, his personal troubles and career. With Snoop Dog as a supporting role, this parody will definitely cheer you up.

4. The Lighthouse — A disturbing story of two people on a lighthouse on the New England’s island, their loneliness, separation from the world, and the struggle to preserve common sense.

3. The Last Black Man In San Francisco — Two friends in their hometown are experiencing many changes and adjustments through a life transition. Also, they witness all the changes in the city as well.

2. The Mustang — A convicted man prone to violence gets into the program of equine therapy where he finds true love and profound emotional bond with a mustang.

1. The Irishman — Probably after seeing the first trailer for a new mob movie starring both Robert de Niro and Al Pacino, you watched the movie, too. However, if you haven’t, don’t miss the fantastic biography of the Irishman, one of the most famous hitmen ever.