Blade Runner, Caught Up With the Real World

Los Angeles, November 2019. Extremely polluted air, artificial lights, flying cars. No, this is not a dream; this is how Ridley Scott imagined the world 37 years ago in his sci-fi classic, the Blade Runner. 

He found the inspiration in Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sleep and created a movie about the police officer on his mission to hunt down a fugitive group of replicants, or human clones. The story is located partly in outer space and partly in Los Angeles, which makes this movie both futuristic and apocalyptical. 

The Blade Runner Is Happening Now

Everyone who grew up with Blade Runner had an ingrained idea of the future based on this movie. Finally, it is caught in real-time, and we are its witnesses. Moreover, we can be pretty cruel judges about whether Scott was a visionary who predicted the future or his fiction was entirely untrue.

Expectations Too High

Well, we don’t have replicants. At least not yet. So Ridley might have hurried with humanlike clones and artificial intelligence.

But we do have humanoid robots, and that can be considered the beginning. For example, Sophia is a replicant prototype with a human appearance. Luckily, far away from the Blade Runner prediction, our robots are not even close to starting the rebellion.

The next red “x” goes to flying cars. Everyone dreams about such a revolutionary vehicle, but we are still stuck in traffic, down on the ground. 

Also, unlike in the movie, we haven’t yet established a single colony in space. In real 2019, life officially exists only on planet Earth.

What Did the Blade Runner Overlook?

In the movie, there’s no Internet. In a futuristic 2019, people are still reading newspapers. There are no cellphones, either. The creators recognized some things, like voice control or lie detector, as a useful technology, but it is almost comic to see cathode-ray monitors and TV sets as a part of the future/present. 

The movie failed to predict some of the most significant 21st-century discoveries, but perhaps that is the point that makes it even more attractive to watch in 2019. Imagine that you have to fight humanlike androids and robots without the Internet or cellphone. It seems really scary.

What Was Ridley Scott Right About?

First of all, the Blade Runner story brings some compelling ethical dilemmas and a hero who is questioning his own humanity. It focuses on the future of the human race — everything we cause and everything we can prevent.

In Ridley’s year of 2019, the world is polluted in so many different aspects. In the present 2019, things are not much better. Our air has never been worse. The neon lights surround us. We are drowning in a capitalist dystopia, political and ethical bumpiness, dominated by global corporations. We tolerate criminals. Perhaps the movie had a real vision about the future.

Thankfully, we find the beauty in this sci-fi masterpiece, and we find it in our real lives. The Earth is still a home of gorgeous, stylish women, good cops, and fancy drinks. And yes, we are so lucky to have a magnificent Harrison Ford around. Unfortunately, our beloved Rutger Hauer left us at the beginning of the year. Let’s just say he didn’t want to get trapped in real-time, so he became a legend.


Ten Fan Theories About Popular Movies

Each movie that captures the interest of the audience must provide enough excitement and energy, as well as have a great script. Yet, great directors will never reveal everything — for the most exciting details, they will give only a hint.

Hidden Messages & Conspiracy Theories

On the other hand, true fans can have a vast imagination. They can make stories even more twisted and complicated than the movie itself. So they create myths, conspiracies, and theories that keep one move eternal.

We heard that Walt Disney was a spy and Willy Wanka a serial killer. There is a Matrix inside the Matrix, and some movie heroes actually don’t exist. From all the facts and theories that movie lovers bring up every day, we will single out some of the most original ones.

John Wick is Actually Neo

Keanu Reeves’ fans might see the connection between his most celebrated character, Neo, and the latest hit about the avenger and fighter John Wick. Many believe that John Wick is actually Neo on his Matrix training program. So, is John Wick a sequel to the famous Matrix?

Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte Do Not Exist

Years after the HBO series Sex and the city is over, the story about the girls from New York got a whole new theory. Some fans came up with a story that Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte were personalized but represented only a part of Carrie Bradshaw’s character.

Kevin’s Uncle Frank Planned the Hole Robbery

Famous villains in Home Alone were Hary and Marv, but the theory tells that uncle Frank actually was the bad guy who arranged the robbery. 

Shining Inspired Disney’s Frozen

In parallel Universum, princess Elsa is Jack Torrence, and her sister Anna is little Danny from the horror classic The Shining. Except for too much snow, do you see any other similarity?

Jack From Titanic Is a Terminator

Some fans believe that Jack is a time-traveler who came from the future to save Rose and make sure she survives. He is related to another time-traveling savior or destroyer — the Terminator.

Harry Potter Is Mentally Ill, Abused Boy

Stories like Harry Potter serve to expand our imagination and make sense of a variety of possible theories, but one of them is particularly disturbing. Imagine that the whole world of Harry Poter did not exist and that he was mentally disturbed after being closed in a dusty, dark staircase, so he imagined everything. Quite a sad story, isn’t it?

Sandy Dies At The Begining Of the Movie Grease

Some cruel fans’ theories indicate that Grease is actually a movie about dead lovers. Sandy died at the beginning, and Danny is singing about it in “Summer Nights.” The final scene in a car that takes off represents her going to Heaven.

The Avengers Overturn — Tony Stark Is a Member of Hydra

Remember Ultron or support for Sokovia Accords? The theory goes that, if you think logically, Tony Star always sabotaged the Avengers, wanting their mission to fail. The only person who realized it was Doctor Strange.

Jamie Lannister Was Mind-Controlled by Bran Stark

GoT characters, Jamie Lannister and Bran Stark, had a really complicated relationship since season one. However, during the first season, things weren’t so bright — Bran controlled Jamie using his mind power in order to throw him off the tower. Jamie remained a cripple but gained powers that eventually led him to the throne.

Nemo Doesn’t Exist

Theorists identify five stages of mourning in this animated movie. A clownfish lost everyone at the beginning, and Nemo is his fiction. The little hero has never existed.