Going out to Cinema or Movie Night at Home?

There are two types of people in the world — some will run to the movie theatre for every single premiere; others will wait a couple of months or simply watch the lousy camera version online. Those two are entirely different ways to experience one movie. 

Modern Cinema: Sight, Sound, and Feel

But to put jokes aside, watching movies in the theatre can’t be compared with home projections. Cinema theatres are not anymore just about popcorns and kissing on the back seat, but about the revolutionary technology that provides standard and three-dimensional motion pictures.

With the latest Hi-Tech digital projectors, surround systems and best 3D silver screens, cinemas produce crystal clear pictures and sound that can shake the seats. All the latest high-budget movies are actually made for such auditoriums. It would be a shame to watch a lousy copy with ads across a half screen and sound so bad that you can’t even recognize a language. Instead, in the cinema, you can practically experience a parallel universe by watching the latest blockbuster in 3D. 

What’s more, with all the strict rules and laws about downloading content from the web, you might wait years to get the movie you want. By buying a cinema ticket, you can treat yourself with the exclusive experience.

Movie Night at Home: Cozy Blankets, PJ’s and Hot Beverage

For some people, there’s not a thing in the world that can make them go to the cinema. They will always rather put some cozy clothes, get popcorns from microwave and settle down comfortably on their couch. With the latest smart TVs, they can broadcast anything they want, even from their phones.

They will avoid crowds and long lines in front of the cinema. They will also save money on tickets, popcorns, and parking. In the end, nothing can replace relaxing at home, and a good movie can only be a bonus. Home projections do not provide the same quality as cinemas, but they do have their benefits, like the fact that you can fall asleep at any time and no one will make a big fuss about that.

Make Your Own Cinema at Home

If you don’t like enormous malls and cinema theatres, but you do want to feel the ultimate screen experience, getting a home cinema set is probably the best solution. They are not quite cheap, but the latest models put watching movies at home on a whole different level.

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