Humans Vs. Robots: Best Movies About AI

With the technology development, people can do almost everything online – work, book tickets, watch movies or have fun using Jackpotjoy Promo Code. Nowadays Moviemakers have been creating SciFi adaptations about artificial intelligence since the early ’20s. AI is among the most significant inspirations and artistic visions of the future. Over the past decades, smart machines were described as terrifying and dangerous, made to bring the judgment day and the end of the world. Yet, in many movies, artificial intelligence was given some human characteristics, like empathy, sorrow and even the ability to love. 

Ten Most Popular AI Movies

No matter if it is an apocalyptic story or movie about machines that will save humanity, this kind of science fiction has always filled theatres. Here are the most famous AI movies in the history of cinema:

10. Metropolis (1927) — For sci-fi genre fans, this is a must-see movie. It is a visionary story about Maria, a humanlike robot equivalent to artificial intelligence at a time when the AI idea was not yet advocated. The epic movie, made by German expressionist Fritz Lang, served later as an inspiration for the famous Star Wars franchise. 

9. I, Robot (2004) — Set in the future, the movie is the story about a police officer who investigates a crime for which the main suspect is a robot. Knowing more about the event, he realizes that the machine possesses more humanity than he could have ever imagined.

8. Wall-E (2008) — The warm and charming animated picture from Pixar Studio is a moving story about two robots — artificial intelligence that will save a fallen human race from extinction.

7. Blade Runner (1982) — A Ridley Scot’s classic about the police officer who fights the rebellion of AI robots — human replicants in apocalyptical scenery.

6. Ex-Machina (2014) — Ambitious effort of a young scientist who tries to awaken emotions in the humanlike artificial intelligence he created. The machine with the image of a gentle female is an accurate representation of the belief that robots could one day replace humans.

5. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) — a movie realization ahead of its time — sci-fi story set in the distant future that accompanies the supercomputer named HAL 9000.

4. Transcendence (2014) — A story about artificial intelligence set in real space and time that threatens to take control and endanger the world.

3. A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) — A sci-fi drama that will make you shiver. It’s about the boy-alike artificial intelligence David made to look real for his “mom.” The story brings the ethical question of anthropomorphizing machines and the risks of what it can cause for humankind.

2. Terminator (1984) — The first movie about the Judgement day and machines that conquer the world was filmed back in 1984, and a much successful sequel in 1991, with the same fantastic cast featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton in leading roles. The Terminator has become a synonym for evil artificial intelligence and the war on humans and machines in the future.

1. Matrix (1999) — The movie arrived at the end of the last millennium. It then was, and it still is an authentic relic for science-fiction lovers. Even those who are not too crazy about this genre recognize Matrix as a flawlessly crafted movie adaptation about the possibility that AI could take over the world after the demise of the human species.

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