Strange Movie Genres You Have Never Heard About

You would think that classic movie genres have nothing more to offer. Throughout the history of cinema, we had the opportunity to watch so many action movies, dramas and comedies that we don’t know is there anything else that can surprise us. However, movie genres have never been restricted categories. Over the years, they changed, grouped, and mixed elements with one another. 

The Weirdest Movie Genres Ever

Cinematography hides many less known movie genres. With absolute artistic freedom to create, unconventional filmmakers are producing movies that belong to weird and strange genres that only true fans can recognize.

Bollywood Horror

Bollywood films are specific because they contain a lot of traditional Hindi elements, such as dance. That is why embracing horror as a popular genre in India was unthinkable for some critics. However, this genre developed in the ‘40s. The first Hindi horror movie was Mahal, an exotic display of terrors of everyday life.


This genre was born in the eighties, in post-revolutionary Russia. It is an experimental artistic movement with Yevgeny Yufit as the leading moviemaker. The genre deals with the subject of death and human remains, with elements of dark humor and absurdity (Suicide Warthogs from 1988 or Spring from 1987).


Bizarro is more of an artistic performance than a movie. It does not follow a particular action — it is absurd and surreal. The example is Holy Mountain, a 1973 film that pushed the boundaries and simply laid the foundations for the bizarre.


This genre in moviemaking may be closer to you under the term psycho-thriller or as a sub-genre of horror with a theme of the mentally ill people. The best representation of this genre is the 1962 movie Whatever Happened to Baby Jane


It is a movie genre born in Eastern Europe during some quite strange years for this part of the world. It was similar to the American Westerns; the only good guys are Soviet heroes fighting for the Soviet Union.

Ostern in Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, on the other hand, had a more humorous approach to the subject. The 1964 Lemonade Joe movie is a funny story about the hero who is fighting against alcohol.

Parkour Movies

This recent trend in moviemaking is a result of popular video games. Movies like Prince of Persia represent the Parkour genre. In the majority of the scenes, the main protagonist demonstrates the skill of jumping and overcoming obstacles, which is precisely the essential difference from the classic fight scenes.

It would be unfair to choose the genre you love the most. You will miss out on many weird but original movies that can genuinely delight you. So be open when choosing the next one to watch.

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