The New Joker Movie Controversy — What’s All the Fuss About?

The virus called Joker was released this summer during the Film Festival in Venice and seems like it spread all over the world. Months before we could even see the movie in cinemas, the public had started creating a lot of fuss about it. Perhaps it will all disappear after a few Oscars and enormous income, but, what if Joker is ready to stay?

Savage, Sad, and Shocking Story

Critics debate about the movie since its premiere. Also, everyone is talking about Joaquin Phoenix’s brilliant acting. The public is confused and has a million questions and theories like — Why is it so cruel, can you relate it with Scorsese’s Taxi Driver and where is Bruce Wayne? But the most significant hype seems to arrive after the Joker movie was compared to the 2012 movie theatre mass shooting in Colorado.

Could this movie be so powerful that it eventually gets out of control?

Is the New Joker What We Were All Looking For?

Through the eyes of one cinephile, the movie is a true masterpiece. From a complete fiction that Batman’s story is, Todd Phillips managed to create such a complex and deviant character who became more realistic than ever. 

Arthur is a depressed and mentally ill person. He was lonely, degraded and mocked all his life. Therefore, Arthur couldn’t do anything else but accumulate his pain and rage until one day that rage became his superpower. From a sad clown, he becomes a king of terror, someone who takes justice into his own hands.

Only this time, Joker is not a villain. His extreme psychoticism, aggression, and dysfunction turned him into the hero or anti-hero, with the audience full of compassion and understanding for his vigilante justice.

Is Joker More About the Story or Its Character?

There is no story without Joker. Nothing would happen. Gotham City would live its same filthy life like the day before Arthur put his makeup on. The rich and powerful would be still in their big safe houses. On the other part of the city, those poor and miserable losers would be forgotten by every single part of society. So, Jocker was provoked. He was born to make this story happen.

In bringing out the character to the screen, it would be unforgivable not to mention great Joaqione Pheonix. This brilliant actor was Oscar-nominated and celebrated for many incredible roles in his career, but this time his job was to overshadow the legendary Heath Ledger. It probably was one of the worst parts of his life. 

Fortunately, Joaqione is so talented and natural that he didn’t have to take Joker from our beloved Ledger, but he created his own. The way he moves, runs or laughs is an intense and profound revival of one psychopath. With his acting and strange and sad eyes, Joaqione made the clown even more creepy.

Who Should Be Worried About the Joker Escalating?

Society should be a regulated system with people full of compassion and care. They are helping each other and have clear moral codes. All members are equal, and the same rules apply to everyone. So, where fear and violence are coming from?

Society can sometimes be a broken system, where things like mass shootings, aggression, and terror happen — we have seen it all before. We saw how violence could move from the screen to real life, and it was scary every time. 

In this movie, the injustice, harassment, and negligence moved from our reality to the screen. Consequently, many institutions and the public are worried that Joker might come to life, and this time, their concern is justified.

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